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Course Description

4 Modules 1 Video

Course Description

When you decide to hire new warewashing techs you need to train your new employees. If you want to add a structure to your company, you need to train your employees. You probably focused on doing your best but know you can train better. But things keep on getting in the way to create that program.

       Things Like:

  • All the software needed

  • The money it cost to build

  • Talent that’s willing to do it

  • Spending countless hours building a program

You probably didn’t think much about really ever changing the way you train your staff. The last thing you probably thought about was “how about I had a great training program and how would my company transform?”

      What can change?

  • Build talent 

  • Self reliant team

  • Looked at as experts

  • Bring in more opportunity

  • Lesson the learning curve

You need to set up your employees and set them on the right path to be able to benefit from having the best information once they step on the field. But without proper training you’ll notice they have not moved forward in their expertise and in return berdin the company.

Founded by a ware washing expert who has met with many ware washing companies and the common theme is “I can’t find a good tech for our open position!”      

Hi, I’m Mundo Founder of Chemical Xchange

12 + years Family owned warewashing business

3 +years outside sales rep for 2 Dish Machines companies

4 + years Product manager mid size warewashing company

6 + years Route Manager for the biggest warewashing company

After many years in the business I knew I needed to build a program that would help the industry. The common theme was I can't find anyone to hire because? 

  • Niche Industry 

  • My company is growing fast

  • People don’t stick around long enough

  • No Service Techs want to leave current position

  • There has to be a better way for these companies to hire better and faster!

So I decided to do something about it. In 2018 I decided to put 25 years of knowledge and experience in one place! 

The Formula

To allow ware washing companies to hire people who are able to do the work. But they just need education in this niche industry.

  • On demand education

  • Pass and get certification

  • Continued education as new videos are updated

What I did was combine everything from my past experience and position and put it in one place.

Your Instructor!


The funny thing is that I never intended for me to put this program together. I just trained the new employees where I worked with the best program I could put together.    

Since I always received a tremendous amount of feedback and how much they learned. It only felt right to do.   

      Here are our popular categories

  • Laundry

  • Warewashing 

  • Housekeeping

Aside from providing the absolute best training available on the market, we also understand that the market is always changing. That’s why we regularly come out with new videos, blogs, podcasts & newsletters.

We have the expertise of experience behind everything we do.

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Course Curriculum

Warewashing Training
  1. Categories of dish machines
  2. Intro Into The Industry *Coming Soon
  3. Single Racks *Coming Soon
  4. Double Rack *Coming Soon
  5. Undercounter *Coming Soon
  6. Conveyors *Coming Soon
  7. Flight Machines *coming Soon
  8. Pot Washers *Coming Soon
  9. Ventless Dish Machines *Coming Soon
  10. Booster Heater And Sustainer Heater *Coming Soon
  11. Filtration System *Coming Soon
  12. NSF Certifitation *Coming Soon
  13. 6 Factors To Great Results *Coming Soon
  14. Sizing Dish Machines *Coming Soon
  15. Trobule Shooting Results *Coming Soon
  16. High Temp Vs Low Temp *Coming Soon
  17. Dish Mahine Dispensers *Coming Soon
  18. Dish Machine Procedures *Coming Soon
  19. Mechanical Dishmachines Vs Control Boards *Coimg Soon
  20. How To Read A Schematic
  21. Tools Needed *Coming Soon
  22. Organizing Your Vehicle *Coming Soon

Warewashing Chemicals *Coming Soon
  1. Three Compartment Sink Chemicals
  2. Dish Machine Chemicals
  3. Pre Soak
  4. Mop Sink
  5. EPA Certification
  6. Proper Procedures
  7. PH Scale
  8. Sanitizer
  9. Disinfectant
  10. Wall Charts
  11. Test Kits

Warewashing Marketing *Coming Soon
  1. Marketing

Warewash Sales *Coming Soon
  1. Sales
  2. Surveying
  3. Uniform